Top 7 Specialties among the POOR &the RICH

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In this article, my aim is to present you with brutal and practical facts that differentiate the poor from the rich in our societies today.

Top 7 Specialties among the POOR &the RICH

#1 The poor watch TV while the rich read

The poor spend more time glued to their television set and in most cases, they devote their time watching programs that will add no value to their lives.

For the rich, it is a different ball game altogether. They spend time reading and learning. They make research to better and development themselves and even when they must watch television they spend little time doing that or they watch programs that add value to them

#2 They poor get paid timely and rich get paid based on results

You see the poor depending on monthly and timely income. They wait until the end of a stipulated time before they earn.

For the rich, the income or payment is based on the achievements they are able to record in a given time.

A typical example is a director of a company that shares profit at the end of a financial year or a successful business transaction while the average workers wait for 30 days to get their wages.

#3 The poor blame and rich takes responsibilities

A poor man is very quick to ascribing blame to a particular thing or event. They are quick at blaming others for their misfortunes rather than take responsibilities of their situation.

They blame their “village people” for any negative events in their life.

On the other hand, the rich accept responsibilities for their actions, learn from their mistakes and forge ahead.

#4 The poor save while the rich invest

The poor take their monies to the banks who then give same to the rich to invest.

Because the poor are afraid of risk and losses associated with business investments they prefer to keep their funds in the banks.

But the rich never hesitate to increase their money through investment and risk-taking.

#5 The poor know it all while the rich continuously learn

A typical poor man seems to have it all figured out and yet he is still in a sorry situation.

This makes it difficult for them to learn from those who are more knowledgeable than they are. A typical poor man is a jack of all trade.

The rich employ the services of professionals to handles areas that they have no knowledge about, they are willing to learn and improve themselves.

#6 The poor believe that money is the root of all evil while the rich believe poverty is the root of all evil

A poor man has the impression that money is the root of all evil whole the rich think otherwise.

Unfortunately, the religious poor among us in the society believes that money can hinder you from serving your good or remaining faithful to your religion.

While the rich believe that life is made easy and comfortable when you are comfortably rich.

#7 Poor have lottery mentality rich have an action mentality

These days, the poor prefer to sit down and continue to hope that someday he will win a lottery that will change his life and that of his family members.

They resort to having the lottery mentality, they take no actions to alleviate their condition.

While the rich believe that he has to work hard to change his conditions for the better. The rich make a conscious effort for the betterment of his life, the rich is action minded, they work for every penny.


Reference DAN LOK

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